Featured Designer: Carol Mier

Featured Designer: Carol Mier

Featured Designer: Carol Mier

Raven Speaks Performance Art

Part of the exquisite fun of Raven Speaks Performance Art is creating the garments to wear for performances! Thus far, I’ve personally designed different outfits for each performance. For my upcoming performance, Raven Speaks IV, I have been collaborating with delightful Carol Mier, fashion designer. Carol has been part of the Santa Fe Arts District for many years. Her shop is a visual treat for anyone who visits. When I first met Carol (about a year ago) she expressed interest in designing an outfit for Raven Speaks Performance Art.

Raven Speaks Fashion Idea


I recently approached her with a beautiful piece of chartreuse green silk fabric that was given to me by my great aunt.  I asked Carol to design it in a modern yet classical manner, and she designed this fabric perfectly to my specifications! She created a unique, refreshing performance outfit! I will be wearing this outfit at the next Raven Speaks event coming up in the summer.

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I look forward to sharing more news with you – fashion – performance art – education.


This photo gives an idea of what Carol Mier Fashion is all about. Her outfits and garments are elegant, classy and unique!

Photograph by Dominic Gill
Photograph by Dominic Gill