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Fashion/Image Consulting

Join Us on First Friday…

A Rose Meditation for You…

April 5, 2019

6-7 pm

Fun ~ Fashion ~ Interaction  

Carol Mier Fashion

8th and Santa Fe

Denver, CO

Bring ideas, sketches and fabrics!  

The concept of Neena Expressions was born from my desire to feel great in garments! I like to experiment with fashion and what feels good. The effects have been wonderfully therapeutic. I rely on color, texture and design to co-create garments.

Color Therapy: Color therapy is where we identify which colors feel best, healing through color.

Closet Design: If you feel like your closet has gotten the best of you, I can help scale down or organize closet space.

Inspire Fashion
Do you feel inspired by your wardrobe? Are you wearing the best colors and fabrics for your style? Inspire a wardrobe that you feel great in! Wardrobe, fashion design, accessory match and color therapy.

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