Juicing for Healing

Juicing for Healing

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Thanks for visiting! This website is about utilizing self-expression to inspire you to follow your dreams and goals. It might sound very simple and IT IS! Often times it takes a slightly whimsical person to take a leap into the unknown, and then we somehow become encouraged to embark on new projects or long forgotten dreams ourselves.    The main areas we focus on here at Neena Expressions are performance art, education and fashion, however they are all weaved together through wellness. We all know that wellness is key to all good things in life. Without it where would we be? As one of my mentors frequently says, “Health is Wealth”. We will always strive to incorporate wellness into all our expressions.

Internal Cleanse for Healing

When we first launched Neena Expressions back in June, I went through an internal cleanse that lasted 7 days. It incorporated juices, mostly liquefied drinks, soups and a few other supplements. The purpose of the cleanse, besides obvious health benefits, was to get Neena Expressions off to a healthy start! It had been in a dormant planning place for a couple years and it just so happened that the cleanse facilitated the launch process.

Food Addiction  – A Personal Friend

My personal story and buy in for all this cleansing and juicing is that I have a history of food addiction – which is using food to replace true emotional challenges. It seems so easy to numb out the pain of emotional trauma, and use food as an escape from reality. I had spent many years doing that, and it was most likely a learned behavior from childhood. Several years ago I did a cleanse (similar to the one I just did in June) based on a book called “Martha Vineyard’s Diet Detox”, which, after 13 days, revealed my intolerance to gluten and dairy products. I’ve been off of them for a few years now. We never know what our body needs or doesn’t need until we go through an elimination process. Then it all becomes revealed. That first cleanse changed my life radically and mostly what I remember is weight loss that went beyond diet and exercise, as well as a complete body and brain chemistry transformation. My friends changed, my relationships, and many other things too, in order to facilitate this new healthier vibe.

Side note: I recommend doing a cleanse of your choice at least every year or every couple years. It’s like a system reset. It puts you in a state of alkalinity, which is neutrality, which is bliss. It’s how we’re reborn.

Juicing as a Lifestyle!

During the cleanse I bought a really nice juicer and simply had a BLAST juicing various vegetables and fruits all summer. Long after the 7 day cleanse was over, I continue juicing because it feels right. My body wanted the fresh enzymatic juices and still does. As soon as you juice, the enzymes in the fruits and vegetables are still alive.That’s the best time to ingest juices and does your body the most good.

What’s the big deal about enzymes?

Our bodies utilize enzymes to further aid in digestion. Raw foods contain the live enzymes necessary to aid in digestion, which is why it’s optimal to have raw foods at each meal.

Please note: try and ingest your juice as soon as you can to avoid issues such as heat damage, oxidation and fiber degradation.

Benefits of Juicing

Now for the good part. The 5 personal benefits to juicing is what I can describe for you, based on what is happening to me personally:

  1. Increased health with minimal lifestyle change – I’ve always craved healthy food (since my last cleanse back in 2009) yet now I can get a much larger dose of healthy vegetables and fruits by using a juicer. There is no need for you to be so extreme in the juice cleanse process as I am. You can continue with whatever you usually like to eat, and add in these juices once or twice a day with minimum alterations to your current lifestyle
  2. Glowing skin and hair – I believe that every time I walk into a juice bar someone compliments me on my skin and hair, and then I likewise compliment that person on their skin and hair. it’s kind of funny, however, due to the large water content in fruits and vegetables, the body receives so much oxygen and skin and hair cells love it! It’s also nutrient dense and the body loves it. This is all self explanatory, right?
  3. Allergy relief – This time around I wanted to feel better from the allergies that began to creep up over the last few years. I was constantly sneezing, had all sorts of skin ailments, and my eyes were congested. By today, October 18th 2015, I have noticed a marked difference in the way I feel and my allergies have improved. I believe that with continued juicing, my allergies will one day be eliminated.
  4. Alkalinity – I mentioned this earlier, and this is one of the most important aspects of juicing, especially when chlorophyll is present through green vegetables or powder. I love green powder! It’s so convenient and mixes well with almost everything. Of course chlorophyll can also be found in green leafy vegetables and herbs. The food we eat can make our system alkaline or acidic, also known as the  pH level. It is important to keep our system on the alkaline side, to keep our body functioning optimally.
  5. Emotional Release – Something profound is happening to me and continues! My emotional state feels so fluid and feelings are being expressed rather than repressed. A whole new side has been opening up! While continuing to create and consume these homemade juices, I’ve also been working on opening my heart chakra through yoga and other healing modalities. I believe it was contracted for a long time and was easy to hide this. Now, when I find myself in a contracted state I can notice, release, and relax much easier. What’s happening beyond everything else, is that now tears flow easier, words flow easier, and truth flows easier. This is a blessing that I could not have ever expected, however it is occurring. The juice cleanse has been part of a profound journey!

Juices Swirling

Ultimately, from everything I experience in life, I want to help others. That’s always my motivation to do anything. The juicing process has been amazing. I plan on continuing with the juices. I am following through with the requests I’ve received from my juice enthusiast friends to begin a juicing news journal online called “Juices Swirling”. This fall I am going to invent some new, warmer drinks for the chillier weather. I will share recipes, insights and my journey with you at Juices Swirling. Come with me…  Cheers!

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