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Hello juice enthusiast friends! I want to introduce you to some people who have interesting juice stories These folks started juicing for extraordinary reasons and I hope you find their stories inspiring and insightful.

Why? I felt the desire to get out side of my “whirled” and find out what motivates other people to juice?  What’s important to them? I figured if I felt transformed everyday by the sheer emotional changes occurring within me, other juicers must have some profound and personal reasons for juicing. I spoke to a few people in the juice bar communities, and will continue to do so, and share information with you!

Inspiring stories

Oasis Juice Bar – Harlem – 3163 Broadway, New York, NY   


A kind gentleman, by the name of Abdi Abajabal spoke to me about his humble beginnings at Oasis Juice Bar. He was born in Ethiopia, and has been running the Oasis for 3 years. His motivation; he feels that health is important and he’s concerned that humans are not getting enough nutrition. His goal is to make juices for freshness on the spot. Back in Ethiopia, his dad was a community doctor so he grew up with a philosophy that didn’t believe in conventional medicine. He believes that humans can heal themselves. I love it!

His opinion is that in the U.S. we don’t place enough value on fresh food, and too much value is placed on processed food.   He’s had no formal education, yet has powerfully been helping people value food quality in New York since 2012, in his own way. His focus is for people who live in the projects surrounding Oasis Juice Bar, as well as students and youth. He believes that health can be improved by consuming one fresh juice per day and that all the vitamins and supplements that people consume should come directly through food. He does not believe in overcharging people for fresh juice and currently charges $4.50 for 16 oz. juice or $7.00 for 24 oz. juice.

He cooks from his basement and his dream is to one day have a kitchen close to the Oasis juice bar.  He wants to teach cooking classes for people to learn about Ethiopian cuisine as well as optimal nutrition. Best wishes to you, Abdi!

 Melvin’s Juice Box – SoHo – 130-132 Halston at Sullivan St.
Melvin Major works in collaboration with Miss Lily’s Juice Bar in SoHo. His story is touching and heartfelt. Melvin says he got into juicing to get out of drugs and the street life. He wanted to do something new. His connection with juicing brought him closer to himself. He believes in stretching, yoga and feels gratitude every day.
Melvin was raised on a farm and grew up eating healthy fruits and vegetables. The connection came back through juicing and he feels peaceful about life. He has worked in several different settings (Integra, Whole Foods, Lifetime Natural Market) and has built his knowledge of juicing over the last 18 years. He decided to collaborate with Miss Lily’s to bring his love of juicing and large following to a beautiful new level. He feels blessed every day.
His juice bar includes Jamaican, vegan, healthy salads and clean food. He believes in making fresh juices daily and putting happy, clean energy into the juice! Melvin also believes that the customer is always right. Melvin had many heartfelt things to say, and here’s an awesome Melvin quote:
“Leave whatever you have behind. It’s about health.”
Juice Press – Denver – 1111 Broadway 
I met Christian, the owner of three Juice Press bars in Denver. He has a focused, and precise outlook on juicing, which is a refreshing contrast to my ambiguous and far-reaching outlook. He saw an opportunity to start a juice bar in Denver because of the success of juice bars in Los Angeles and New York. I definitely understand his intuitive inclinations, because I’ve met many interested juicers here in Denver ! Christian went the commercial route and invested in a cold-pressed juicer. He says that he sells his juices within 24-48 hours. He describes his process in a way that feels prescriptive. He has regular, repeat clients everyday and believes in his product.
The main difference between Christian and some of the others I met is his specific approach; he doesn’t serve food, drinks, baked goods – only juice. His juice menu is very specific too. It’s just juice! For someone like me who thinks of and sees many things at once, this menu was extremely easy on the eyes and easy on the mind!
I feel blessed…
I truly feel blessed to have met these amazing people who resonate with things I feel are important.  We have had a positive experience with juice,  and share  similar beliefs about food as healing medicine. We believe food and drink absorb the energy of the person who prepares it and we feel passionate about the healing benefits of juicing, since that’s how it’s shown up in our lives.
Note about cold pressed verses regular juicers.
When you walk into a large chain store that carries cold pressed juice, be aware that although it says  “cold pressed” that doesn’t necessarily mean the live enzymes are still present. All fruits and vegetables that are concentrated into juice, out of their holistic state will lose some of their nutritional value. The faster it is ingested, the more nutritional value will be received.
Juices Swirling @Home
Juice bars are great for people on the go! I have to maintain that I love to be at home and create my own homemade juices. As an artist, the creativity and fun of making recipes at home definitely keep the juices swirling!  Soon I’ll be putting together a list of my favorite ingredients as well as some new juice recipes for fall – for you! Come with me….Cheers, friends!