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Ollom Art Collaboration I & II

Ollom Art Collaboration I & II

Ollom Art Festival!

2018 Gala and Festival Tickets http://ollomart.com/

John Ollom has a wonderful vision of utilizing performance art to heal emotional trauma. This is my second year collaborating with him. Last year I performed Echo S P A CE at the gala, and this year will be performing and presenting a workshop, Svadisthana, which deals with the sacral chakra. I appreciate Johns uplifting spirit towards healing emotion through movement art. Much of his work resonates with mine. I was truly inspired by his book Internal Landscapes, available on Amazon and iTunes. This is s great read for anyone interested in learning more about his vision, his story and his method.
Raven Speaks at John Ollom Gala 2017
Last year I performed a piece called Echo S P A C E while experiencing a lot of physical and emotional pain and discomfort.  This was due to an autoimmune response in my body.  Mobility was at about 65%-70%. Here is an excerpt from the performance.
Creating a New Story…
My personal goal for my performance in November 2018 is to increase mobility and feel amazing! My hope is that I may assist others who are dealing with mobility issues, with the addition of kind, gentle healing modalities. 
Grateful for John Ollom, as I continue healing and transformation within our beautiful collaboration!
I will have the following products and services available at the festival and online.
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Lumonic Skin Care
Guided Meditation
Gala and Festival Tickets http://ollomart.com/
Special thanks to Carol Mier Fashions for creating this beautiful dress that will be part of the presentation.