Steps to Peace Restoration

Steps to Peace Restoration

Casa Tolteca Steps to Peace Restoration

updated 3/15/18

When I worked at Escuela Tlatelolco, I had the honor of presenting a workshop to my colleagues.  The subject of the workshop was called “Steps to Peace Restoration”, which was my version of conflict resolution in the classroom.

Why Conflict Resolution? I incorporated my own version of conflict resolution in my classroom that virtually eliminated intervention, other than student, teacher and parent communication. I worked with it for several years and it became a win/win resolution for everyone. The steps were simple and included the Peace Rose, 4 Agreements, and Cornerstones of the school. With all these items in place, there was virtually no question as to what constituted a conflict between students and what didn’t. The reason was simple: we related everything back to the 4 Agreements. For more information about the 4 Agreements please read the short book or visit Don Miguel Ruiz’ website:


Peace Rose

The Peace Rose was used between students to speak peacefully about a conflict. Each student took turns speaking, using “I” Statements, rather than placing blame or accusations on the other person. The vital components of using the Peace Rose were using “I” Statements,  and allowing students to talk with the Peace Rose when they were both ready to do so.

4 Agreements

The 4 Agreements are simple:

  1. Be Impeccable With Your Word
  2. Don’t Take Anything Personally
  3. Don’t Make Assumptions
  4. Always Do Your Best

In the classroom every morning after smudge, we talked about the 4 Agreements in our meeting.  We tried to follow them in class, and do our best. The well known, “character values” charts that are used in traditional schools are embedded in this ancient code.

Harmonize Your Classroom

If you want to strive towards a more harmonious classroom, you are welcome to incorporate some of these simple ideas! One of my coworkers pointed out that these ideas can be adapted to the high school population or preschool population.

Gratitude Timer

As an experimental side note… We set an alarm on my phone every hour. Upon hearing the alarm, students were asked to express words of gratitude to each other. When this first started, students showed a big display of gratitude, with interruptions, hugs and dramatic displays. The practice changed the energy in the classroom, within a few days. While there was already harmony present before it was now EXPRESSED more intentionally. The flow became consistent and harmonious. A simple nod or smile was exchanged in the classroom when this alarm sounded, or even when the alarm didn’t sound. This was a simple way of promoting peace and harmony in the classroom!

Workshops Available

I am available to conduct a workshop at your school or in any setting you feel this could be used. Please contact me if this resonates with you!


Steps to Peace Restoration
Steps to Peace Restoration

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