Straw Berry Gingerly…

Straw Berry Gingerly…

Juice Blend: Strawberry, ginger, lime.  Sweet, juicy and great for digestion!

I carefully chose these ingredients for the extreme health benefits of each. Berries are blended with the stem included for added chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is excellent for enriching blood and is a natural anti-oxidant. I added generous amounts of ginger for the well-known and immediate digestive benefits. Besides adding great flavor, lime works well with ginger for a digestive boost. Delicious!

Healing: Today I invite you to briefly think about labels that are placed on adults and children. This can happen at work, school and on the internet. Unfortunately, we sometimes let perceptions of what others think and say shape self-image or passively judge others.  This happens to children and adults alike. People feel they have to live with pain unconsciously inflicted by others. Not true! The only way someone can inflict pain is if they are in pain themselves. Everyone deserves forgiveness and understanding, without allowing perceptions to shape true identity. Seemingly impossible in the media filled world we live in, however completely possible…

Pondering: Have you been labeled in some way? How has that “label” affected the way you feel about yourself in certain contexts?  What would it be like to forgive the person or people who have labeled you, while completely understanding and owning the truth of who you are?  I encourage you to explore this in written reflection. I want to hear from you!

Yoga: Virabhadrasana I, Warrior 1

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Body Awareness: This yoga pose energizes the whole body. It strengthens the core and opens the heart! This pose encourages body- mind connection. Warrior poses  encourage self-worth and feelings of security in the body. This is a powerful pose to help gain strength and inner courage.  May your day be filled with beauty!


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