Create a New Story Meditation

This meditation was created in collaboration with Aveda. It focuses on identifying areas of tension, pain or trauma, releasing limiting thoughts and creating new beliefs and habits.  I was able to transcend an autoimmune response in my body through meditation and gentle movement techniques. This meditation focuses on energy healing of the root chakra. Please call or e-mail me for more information.
“I recently joined a wellness meditation event hosted by Neena. I was deeply inspired by her journey of using meditation to overcome an injury. Neena shared insight on practical and intentional daily meditation techniques that were easy to follow and can be used for beginners or advanced users. She gave a simple overview of chakras, encouraged adding scents and oils to deepen the experience, and followed by incorporating movements to help one remain focused and centered any time of the day. While I only spent an hour with Neena, I took away tactics that I now use every day. I highly recommend Neena for overall wellness, healing or mindfulness, as I strongly feel her work will benefit anyone.” ~ Kari Tewalt