Inspired Education!

Is your child a unique learner? Does your child love learning intrinsically? Add more creativity to your child’s life! Inspire your unique child to learn in ways that best suit his/her needs.

Neena can help with reading, math and test prep. Her intent is to uplift and inspire students, teachers and families. She is a Montessori trained educator, certified in General and Special Education, and a Performing Arts Director. She utilizes her artistic and educational background to help children feel good about school and life! Please browse through resources, e-books, and workshops for further information.


Neena provides coaching for children who may be struggling in school, or just want to feel great about their overall experience. Neena works with elementary aged school children. Changes can be made in the school structure and at home to bring out the best in each child. If you feel your child is a candidate for coaching, please contact Neena. She specializes in fostering creativity through performance, movement, right/left brain integration activities, tutoring in reading, math, test prep skills, and specialized education.

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Children’s Performance Camps, Tutoring, Educational Coaching, Consulting for Schools



Neena is trained and certified in Montessori Education and SPED (Specialized Education). She works with elementary-aged students in a bilingual Montessori setting for over 12 years, serves as a tutor, and consults with families to navigate through the areas of special needs, homework, and execution of student’s higher performance skills. She believes that if your child is passionate and happy in life, he or she can succeed in any area. She provides resources and consultations for teachers. Contact Neena to talk about developing your beauty filled, inspired child!

Performing Arts Workshops for Children

Children have natural gifts and talents. Neena conducts an International Choir called United In Unison, at Escuela Tlatelolco. She has designed a week-long workshop for elementary-aged students 4 times a year, to create powerful performers and presenters. Enhancement of vocalization, movement, breathing techniques, wellness, general presentation skills and music theory are all highlighted in this workshop. This workshop is offered once a year in Denver, California, New York and Hawaii. Special requests for International Workshops outside the US will be considered as well.

Movement/Musical Workshops

Movement and dance are inherent to the site. Neena choreographs dances for her choir students, as well as for weddings and special events. She specializes in Bollywood and/or Latin dance and musical performances. Contact Neena to perform at your special event!


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