Newsletter 6: May 2017

Newsletter 6: May 2017

Welcome to NeenaExpressions.com Spring 2017 Newsletter!

Greetings from Neena Expressions

Beauty is Everywhere…

HI Friends! Welcome to Neena Expressions! Here’s what we’re currently up to:

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As an artist and educator, I believe beauty is everywhere! My eclectic-themed art displays itself in many forms: innovative teaching methods, performance art, fashion consulting and music collaboration.

We’re developing new Services and Programs through Neena Expressions! Please see below.


While creating healing juices and exfoliating scrubs, I am now transforming my relationship with all foods.My focus is to eat for pleasure and nourishment and release judgement towards food. I’m discovering my relationship with food has become calm and peaceful.  I have a food diary and exercise journal at myfitnesspal.com (Neenaexp) that helps me track in an easy online format. It’s been incredibly helpful.


I am offering speaking engagements, workshops, performance art and presentations all designed to uplift and inspire YOU! Please see the events calendar for more information.


My intention for these events is to offer new and personal expressions to uplift the heart, body, mind and soul.

Performance Art/Collaborations

Performance art is one of my areas of focus. Raven Speaks is my soulful spiritual expression. I also perform traditional Bharatnatyam for special events.
I am working on two pieces concurrently. 
Raven Speaks V: Untitled
RS V: Untitled deals with spirit, fluidity and etheREALITIES. It is a personal depiction of the cycles of rebirth, creation and destruction. The  musical style incorporated into this performance piece is Classical Baroque. 

Hendrix is a violist arranging and performing “Untitled” with me.   We have a complete performance and workshop coming up this summer. Our personal journeys led us to this project. At the beginning we created intentions for ourselves; my intention was to transform my relationship with food and body image. His intention was to break an addiction that had ruled over his life.  Our dedication to this project has changed our perceptions of life in many ways. 

We performed excerpts of Untitled in January and February and will perform our completed work in summer 2017.

ECHO s p a c e 
Echo s p a c e, will be performed twice: once in late spring and again in early fall. It’s general theme intertwines technology and nature and will take place in two stunning outdoor settings! The soundtrack is electronic, ambient and beautiful!
Yonbre is an electronic musician/producer of Echo S p a c e and will perform a live set at both Echos p a c e performances in May and in September.

Last summer I performed South Indian Dance at an art gallery and met an electronic musician named Kevin Netz. He and I decided to do a project together. I gave him my songs and ideas for Echospace and he composed the soundtrack. He included one of his own songs in the mix. Paradoxically, when his song plays, everything changes in the story line. The soundtrack is superb. I asked Kevin to include natural ambient sounds throughout the piece and the sounds he chose are delightful and unique. I am honored and transformed when I perform this piece, Echo s p a c e.
             Yonbre (Kevin Netz)


Please contact me to work on an artistic collaboration!

Photographic and Other Collaborations
Educators, I want to help you create inspired learners in your classroom!

I’m a Certified Montessori Teacher for Elementary students. My licenses are in the areas of General and Special Education.  Creative and innovative education is my passion. I teach children’s music and movement alongside the rigorous academic curriculum in the classroom,  I am a Montessori Education Specialist and Chorale Director for Unity in Unison at Escuela Tlatelolco.

Educational Seminars

I am excited to share my passion of performance art in the classroom with teachers and new communities!


Fashion Consulting

Wouldn’t it be great to design your own garments?
I design my own garments for Raven speaks performance art. I can help guide you through the process of designing your own garment. Please contact me!.

Going further, I can help you with closet reorganization. I understand many people have an emotional connection to clothing. We can work through these emotions and discard clothing that no longer feels good. it’s an emotional journey well worth taking because when you feel good, you have an wonderful day, which leads to an amazing life.

Wishing you the best this spring and summer!.

Love you, friends!