Ollom Art Collaboration

Ollom Art Collaboration

Ollom Art Haus ~ November 9&10 2019 ~ NYC

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Raven Speaks Performance Art Presents 

“Coil Study”

November 10th @2pm

Ripley Grier Studios, 305 West 38th St. (Near 8th Ave.)

“I Don’t Remember”, May 2018, Digital image, 4256×2832 Photo by Bruce Cohen

“Coil Study,” introduces an interdisciplinary approach to healing and transformation within a performance based workshop. This work is inspired by my desire to understand my root fears of romantic relationships, and became the focus for my MFA-IA practicum report at Goddard College in 2018. The results of this study have yielded profound awareness of deeply embedded, past emotional wounds, and revealed important next steps to healing and transformation.

I’ll be presenting this at the Ollom Haus event on Sunday at 2pm,  and am also available to meet individually at Ripley Grier Studio, Friday, November 8th and Monday, November 11th.


To learn more about this project, or to schedule a session with me, contact 720-314-0616 or neenaexpressions@gmail.com

It is also possible to schedule a session with John Ollom and I together, as part of Ollom Haus event.