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Meditation is a useful tool in the journey of healing and transformation. Some people ask “What is Meditation?” This answer varies for everyone.  For me, meditation is a way to relax and invite tranquility into the present moment. Within this state of tranquility, all change is possible. I am offering a rose meditation, designed to work with the heart chakra, release pain, and allow greater ease and harmony in our relationships:
Rose Meditation
Birth of a Rose
گلاب کی پیدائش – ایک سے چ
I created a rose meditation poem in Urdu, which can be seen here:
This meditation takes us through the various stages of a birth of a rose, lending insight to many feelings in our heart chakra.
Why Urdu?
When we’re not focusing on the meaning of words, we can relax into the intention of the meditation.


This meditation is brought to you with love.

Available online, in person, or at your next professional group/meeting.