Yonbre Collaboration I & II

Yonbre Collaboration I & II

Yonbre created the soundtrack for my performance:

شفا یابی کا پان 

Ollom Art Festival


11.10 and 11.11



My collaboration with Yonbre started in 2015. Yonbre is an electronic musician and dear friend. He created the soundtrack for the Echo S P A C E performance piece, 2017. Urdu is my family’s native language from Pakistan. Through combining Urdu and electronic music, I wish to convey a simple message for personal interpretation. We felt that Urdu poetry sounded pretty cool with his style of electronic music. (#12 on the Moon Magnet compilation track).



This song was mastered by Reed at Moon Magnet.


Our intention is to combine music, performance art and language to share a message intended to be understood by everyone regardless of the language(s) we speak.  

When I first heard the recording of this piece, I heard my own shut down emotions finally expressing themselves. I felt a new contextual layer of intention in my lyrics.  I heard my  inner child finally having a voice and a direction too! I speak my truth with love. 

If we ignore our own inner child, and only look to our higher selves for answers, we may miss that the child had the answers all along.  How many times has your child or a child you know been trying to explain something but you think you know better? Maybe we are all trying to get to the same place…

The lyrics are from an “I AM” poem I wrote in 2016 and the theme is rebirth.

I was inspired by Corky Gonzales’ epic poem, “I am Joaquin”


I am the masses of my people and
I refuse to be absorbed.
I am Joaquín…

My spirit is strong,
My faith unbreakable…

Rodolfo Corky Gonzales

Our new collaboration continues the theme of transformation and healing. I feel honored that Kevin has given my Urdu poetry a voice in his music. He inspires me to create more poems and learn more about Urdu! Kevin has been instrumental in healing my expression and inspiring me to become a better artist.