Neena Expressions began with my desire to inspire through soulful self-expression; to combine passion with purpose. My passions are many, however my current focuses are performance art and education.  I hope to create simple yet meaningful content that speaks to you.

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Educational Background

I have utilized the Montessori philosophy and Social Justice framework of Paulo Freire in most of my teaching career thus far.  Education is free and wild and happens best in nature. I have both General and Specialized Education licenses. I have worked with elementary-aged students in a bilingual setting, served as a tutor, and consulted with children and families to navigate through numerous challenges; especially reading, math and emotional issues at school.  I have helped many students with reading comprehension and fluency skills. I specialize in math and help to increase self-confidence.

Your child can succeed in any area of life. I am passionate about heart-centered teaching, and want to be a resource for educators. I have many ideas and successful methods to assist students, educators, families and administrators create passionate learners. In addition to making sure your child feels positively challenged academically, I will most likely recommend more recess and art, increased physical fitness, higher nutrition content in food and time for relaxation! Please contact me for a consultation or seminar at your next school or home event.


Unity In Unison Performance Art

Performing Arts Workshops for Children

I conducted an International Themed Choir, Unity in Unison, for over 7 years.  Soon I will be offering performance art workshops for students, to create powerful performers and presenters. Expect successful enhancement of vocalization, movement and breathing techniques in this workshop.  General presentation skills and music theory will be highlighted as well. Workshops will be offered locally, nationally and internationally. All workshops are tailored to fit specific needs and wishes.





Raven Speaks Performance Art

Raven Speak Performance Art is a creation of Neena Expressions. It is a transcendent storytelling experience designed to convey a message of peace, love and hope. This performance art combines South Indian and Middle Eastern Dance movement, Qi Gong, electronic music, lyrical poetry and spoken word at times in Urdu, English, Spanish or French. I have been studying various dance forms for over 27 years. Immerse yourself in the sensual nature of Raven Speaks Performance Art.

Unique Performances and workshops are designed for Raven Speaks Performance Art. Please contact me if you are seeking a performance and/or workshop at your next event, professional development or university course.



Fashion/Image Consultation

I design garments for Raven Speaks Performances and love vibrant colors, textures and fabrics. Contact me for consultations, fabric ideas and to speak more about color therapy and closet organization.




Upcoming Wellness Products                      

Wellness is the foundation for Neena Expressions. When we feel good, we are naturally inspired. In the news section of this website, you will find healing juice ideas, recipes and  homemade skin scrubs for creating luminosity inside and out. Juice cleanses are popular, however, juicing can be incorporated whenever you’d like to add delicious juicy nutrition to your diet! Contact me for specific questions, or to try a homemade juice. Gentle, homemade exfoliating scrubs are perfect for highly sensitive skin!




Music and Art

I love to collaborate with other musicians and artists. I write song lyrics and feel inspired to create soundscapes for Raven Speaks Performance Art. If you have a song or performance idea, please contact me to work on a musical project.



Explore and navigate through the areas of performance art, education and collaboration. There’s something to inspire you here…truly, beauty is everywhere!