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Community Gathering 2019

Community Gathering 2019

Art and Friendship

Neena Expressions Community Gathering

An evening of sharing artistic expressions!

The invitation…

Please join us for a festive celebration of Art and Friendship. Enjoy delicious food and drink as we share expressions among our vibrant community!  You are invited to our home.

Art, Music, Poetry, Design, Audio, Visual Art

Performances 6-9pm

January 19, 2019

call 720-314-0616


The idea…

Guests voluntarily share an expression with us.  The communal space nurtures creativity. The Gathering includes EVERYONE. We becomes better acquainted through this artistic and intimate evening. This yearly celebration began in 2012 as Raven Speaks Performance Art.

The experience…

We encourage self-expression. We prepare foods to share …Celebrating YOU!

We start with a welcome ceremony.  Throughout the evening, guests share in whatever ways they feel moved. The spontaneity reminds me of the magical Montessori classroom. Everyone feels free to express in ways they love. We appreciate this inspired energy in our home!

The expressions…

Last year guests shared Tai Chi, culinary art, dance, indie rock, singing, electronica, spoken word, Buddhist philosophy, lyrical poetry, stand up comedy and Lego building!   An abundance of food, visual art, guitar, ukulele and guided meditation.

What wants to be expressed right now?

Is there a new idea you’d like to share?  We welcome you. I hope to be a channel for loving expression within my community and beyond.  If you’d like to join in, please call or text:

720-314-0616 or email


This Community Gathering plants seeds for something bigger.  It’s a warm and jovial experience of welcoming new life. I am grateful for the opportunity to facilitate sharing unique expressions.

A special thanks to Solace and Farrah for organizing this event with me!

Spending time with you,

Is always an honor,

Beautiful friends.

Feeling much gratitude

for transformation this year.

In love

Mitakuye Oyasin