Guest Writers – Contact Neena Expressions!

Guest Writers – Contact Neena Expressions!


Do you like to write? Do you feel inspired by Art, Education, Fashion, Music, Performance?

We would love to  have you as a guest writer on our News Page.

The Intent of Neena Expressions

is to uplift and inspire others. Sometimes just reading the right word or subject matter can do that. Here at NeenaExpressions.com we are dedicated to providing authentic and helpful ideas, and to convey these expressions in the following areas:


Art is inspiriting by it’s very nature. If you have any type of art that you feel goes with the intent of this site, please let us know. We would love to feature your work in the news section. We can go broad in the type of art we feature, inasmuch as it conveys the intent we are hoping for – to uplift and inspire others.


Education can be quite a hot topic, and considerably challenging on many levels. Here are some key words to help you get started. Elementary Education, Performance Education, Montessori Education, Cosmic Education, which includes all aspects of science and nature,  SPED, Unique Learners (we’ve coined this one), classroom ideas, resources.  It all starts here but can go into many different realms as well. How about Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children…..

We may at times engage lively debates, however, the outcome will be essentially uplifting, inspiring and heartfelt.


We love to feature designers here who’s intent is to uplift and inspire others. Designers can be local, national or international. If your utmost intent is to make sure people feel good in what they are wearing, we want to share what you are doing!

Music and Lyrics


We work primarily in the area of electronic music, however some of our soundscapes have included hip hop r/b and different genres as well. The way we work is that I usually provide lyrics or the idea for the sound scape, and then the perfect musician magically appears for the perfect synergy.  I then will choreograph Indian dance, abbhinaya (facial expressions) and mudras to convey the message of the soundscape. It’s my art form and it’s  called Raven Speaks Performance Art.


There is so much inspiration in the area of wellness. It is exciting to read and learn about the regenerative properties of food, exercise, mind and spirit. Any information that you would like to share in the area of wellness would most certainly pertain to this site, so please share if you’d like to.

Contact us at neenaexpressions@gmail.com or call 720-314-0616, to learn more!.