Newsletter 7: March 2018

Newsletter 7: March 2018

Greetings from Neena Expressions!

Beauty is Everywhere…

HI Friends!  Please visit Neenaexpressions.com

 As an artist of life, I believe Beauty is Everywhere! My art flourishes in performance art, music collaboration and educational coaching.

We’re always developing new Services, Programs and Products through Neena Expressions! Please see below.


Wellness continues to be the foundation of Neena Expressions and serves as a guide for the themes in my art. My definition of wellness is anything that brings about feelings of ease and simplicity for myself and for the beautiful people in my life. 


I am offering speaking engagements, workshops, performance art and presentations all designed to inform, uplift and inspire YOU! 

Please see the events calendar for more information.


My intention is to offer new and personal insights that have uplifted my heart, body, mind and soul. I hope to inspire you through communicating creative expressions.

Performance Art/Collaborations

Performance art is one of my main areas of focus. Raven Speaks is my soulful spiritual self-expression. 
Performance Pieces
I am continuing my work with Echo S P A C E and Untitled this year.  Many wellness/healing themes will be presented through these works. Stay tuned…
Raven Speaks V: Untitled
Untitled deals with spirit, fluidity and etheREALITIES. It is a personal depiction of the cycles of rebirth, creation and metamorphosis, more specifically, transcending thoughts to higher consciousness, bliss and joy. The  musical style incorporated into this performance piece is Classical Baroque. 
Gratitude to Ricardo Hendrix for inspiring this project. Our personal journeys led us to this design in 2016. My intention is to best fulfill the ideas and concepts with regard to Untitled this year.  The entire work will be presented at the next Community Gathering @Raven’s Nest, January 12, 2019.


Raven Speaks IV: Echo S P A C E, The Portal of Transformation!

Echo S P A C E took on a life of its own last year; I performed this piece in Denver, Port Townsend and New York City.  The theme is multifaceted, yet essentially deals with healing the body through the mind.  Each time I perform, it evolves into something more universal and is cradled and caressed by loving recipients.  I am filled with gratitude as this project continues to evolve.
Yonbre is the electronic musician/producer of Echo S P A C E. We recently recorded two versions of his track, “Freak”, from the Echo S P A C E soundtrack, with my accompanying Urdu lyrics. Please stay tuned for the release of this vocal arrangement and other musical collaborations.


Artistic Collaborations
Please contact me to work on an artistic collaboration!

Photographic and Film Collaborations
Educational Coaching 
I currently serve as a liaison for students, families, teachers and administrators  to create better understanding of diverse learning styles. I work in a variety of settings; private, public and charter schools. My unique experience has created opportunities to advocate and empower students. Please contact me for further information:


My licenses are in the areas of General and Special Education.  Creative and innovative education is my passion. I teach children’s music and movement alongside rigorous academic curriculum. I blend artistic and academic worlds to create harmony and vibrancy in learning.

 Fashion Consulting

I design garments for Raven Speaks performance art. I can help guide you through the process of designing a garment for a special occasion or daily wear. Please contact me!

I also assist with closet reorganization, color therapy, and releasing emotional baggage.  Understanding connections to certain fabrics and textures is an emotional journey well worth taking.

Wishing you the best, always.

Love you friends,