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Neena Expressions Introduction Newsletter


Welcome to Neena Expressions

Beauty is Everywhere…

I am thrilled and excited to welcome you to my new site!

Please visit Neenaexpressions.com

As an artist born and raised in Denver, Colorado, I believe beauty is everywhere! My eclectic-themed art displays itself in many forms: innovative teaching methods, performance art, fashion consulting and music collaboration.

Performance Art
Performance art is one of my areas of focus. Raven Speaks is my spiritual expression, and I also perform traditional Bharatnatyam for special events.

I write lyrics in English, Spanish, French and Urdu. I collaborate with musicians around the world to produce soulful soundscapes used for Raven Speaksperformance pieces.

Creative and innovative education is my other passion. I teach children’s music and movement workshops, and I am a Montessori Education Specialist and Chorale Director for Unity in Unison at Escuela Tlatelolco.

Fashion Consulting
I want to help you find artistic inspiration in your daily life, using the wealth of resources you already have. Contact me for consulting advice using your current wardrobe. I can help you with color resonance, wardrobe ideas and closet organization.

My intent is to use meaningful artistic expression to uplift and inspire people everywhere!

Please visit Neenaexpressions.com