Homemade Exfoliating Scrubs

Homemade Exfoliating Scrubs

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If you struggle with chronic, sensitive and irritated skin, it could be related to an autoimmune response.

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I developed Lumonic Skin Care several years ago. I prepare homemade scrubs for my sensitive skin.  After I was diagnosed with high inflammatory markers at the doctor’s office last year, I began researching everything about autoimmune. I learned that inflammation inside the body is caused by excessive immune cell production. For some cases of chronic, irritated skin, there is a correlation between excessive immune cell production inside the body, and excessive skin cell production. I realized that my skin problems were probably a precursor to the joint, muscle and bone flare ups. It became clear why I felt moved to create natural scrubs as a relief to sensitive, irritated skin all those years ago. This chronic skin irritation plagued me for most of my life prior to Lumonic Skin Care, and caused discomfort, ridicule and shame.

Today, I’ve transcended the idea, echoing rebirth from my performance art. Once I am ready to let go of something, whether that be outdated ideas or thoughts, I “exfoliate” these ideas off of my skin and become renewed. As a result, my skin feels a lot better.

Skin is the largest organ in the body and will allow ideas and thoughts to be absorbed into the system. I now listen closely to my skin, joints and muscles. I’m hearing voices with feelings and instructions.

I customize scrubs and use food grade material, organic substances that are found in the refrigerator or in the cupboard such as sugar, salt, oils and various other types of gentle abrasives. I have found that these work better for my skin than anything else. I make these exfoliating scrubs with love and with the intention that old ideas, concepts, and limiting beliefs can be shed through the exfoliation process. Exfoliating helps to release what has been sitting on the skin. The process of exfoliation can be a powerful experience if these intentions are set. Skin is our largest organ and has the ability to renew itself just like all other cells of the body.

Here are some recipes/ideas for you!

Exfoliating scrubs shared on Instagram @neenaexp:

1. This is the most recent one I’ve shared. The sugar makes skin feel soft and nurtured.
  • 2. Both of these scrubs have similar ingredients. The creamy looking one was made as a luxurious hair mask…


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3. I’ve used this scrub as a cleanser in lieu of soap, due to the astringent qualities.


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  • 4.  The only difference between these two scrubs is sugar and sea salt. Sea salt is a bit grittier, and the sugar has super softening qualities. They are both incredibly hydrating.


5. The first scrubs I made to share with others. I took them to a local coffee shop and indulged some patrons in an exfoliating hand scrub!


6. These are some recently made scrubs. The center most one is made with turmeric and olive oil, the far right consists of honey, sugar, olive oil and the front left is a neutralizing bath soak made with baking soda and Epsom salt. The soak is extremely soothing.


Hope you enjoyed this post. If you’d like a custom made scrub, please let me know!

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