Community Gathering 2018

Community Gathering 2018

Art and Friendship

Neena Expressions Community Gathering

An evening of sharing artistic expressions!

The invitation…

Please join us for a festive celebration of art and friendship. Enjoy delicious food and drink as we share among our beautiful, creative and vibrant community!  You are invited to our nurturing, sacred space.

Performance Art, Music, Poetry, Design, Visual Art…

Performances 6-9pm

January 13, 2018

The idea…

We invited friends and family to our home for a Community Gathering. I asked guests to share a creative expression with us.  It was the first time we’ve had guests in our home after several years. Our home has been a space where I’ve nurtured my son Solace and birthed Raven Speaks Performance Art. We received a group of 50+ beautiful people who felt excited and thrilled to bestow their gifts and talents for the sake of sharing.  The Community Gathering included artists, poets, chefs and performers. Everyone became better acquainted through an artistic, fun and intimate gathering. The Community Gathering has unfolded into a yearly celebration that began in 2012 as Raven Speaks Performance Art.

The experience…

It felt surreal to share our home with others and  watch as friends and family expressed themselves in the same rooms where my son and I have quietly lived for many years prior.  It’s been about 7 years since we had any sort of gathering at our home. We prepared some of our favorite foods to share with others.

As guests arrived people participated in some ceremonies and rituals that we enjoy, such as smudge and tea. Throughout the evening, guests shared their creative impulses in whatever way they felt moved. The spontaneity of the evening  reminded me of the magical Montessori classroom where I used to teach. My students at the school had the freedom to move and express in ways they loved. I appreciated that energy and vibrancy in our home.

The expressions…

The types of expressions we experienced that evening; Tai Chi, culinary art, dance, indie rock, singing, electronica, spoken word, Buddhist philosophy, lyrical poetry, stand up comedy and Lego building!   The guests also brought an abundance of food, sacred text readings, poetry, visual art, guitar, ukulele and guided meditation.

An especially touching moment occurred when my dad briefly shared his experience of being an immigrant in the United States for 48 years, and more specifically, what freedom of expression means to him in the U.S.’s ever-changing cultural climate.

My dad’s passion for entrepreneurship and gratitude for being a U.S. citizen reminds me to embrace humility with all projects involving Neena Expressions. I hope to be a conduit of open, loving expression within my community and beyond.  I invite you to upcoming gatherings in our home.

Prior to the gathering…

The creative energy that’s been cultivating in our home for several years prior, created the nurturing space for all this to occur. This Community Gathering planted seeds for something bigger.  It was a warm and jovial experience of welcoming new life and energy. I am grateful for the opportunity to share uniquely with friends and family.

Welcome to Neena Expressions 2018!

A special thanks to Solace and Maria for organizing this event with me!

Spending time with you,

Is always an honor,

Beautiful friends.

Feeling much gratitude

for this transformation year.

In love

Mitakuye Oyasin