Newsletter 4: September 2016

Newsletter 4: September 2016

Greetings from Neena Expressions

Beauty is Everywhere…

HI Friends! Welcome to Neena Expressions! Here’s what we’re currently up to:

As an artist and educator born and raised in Denver, Colorado, I believe Beauty Is Everywhere! My eclectic-themed art displays itself in many forms: innovative teaching methods, performance art, fashion consulting and music collaboration.

Hope you all had a fantastic summer and wishing you a wonderful, colorful autumn season. Please visit Neenaexpressions.com

I look forward to sharing new expressions! As I dive deeper into the world of creative expression, my intent is to share all this with you!

Here is a new juice recipe for you!


There will be one more new juice recipe shared in the next few weeks.  I have some new exfoliating scrub recipes to share as well!


Please see the events calendar for more information.


My intention for these events is to offer new expressions to uplift the heart, body, mind and soul.

Performance Art:
Performance art is one of my areas of focus. Raven Speaks is my soulful spiritual expression. I also perform traditional Bharatnatyam for special events.

Please see our calendar for upcoming events! Call me to experience Raven Speaks Performance Art or Classical Bharatnatyam at your next special event.


Musical Collaborations:
I feel blessed to be collaborating with several amazing musicians right now! I have two new Raven Speaks Performance projects planned for this upcoming year:
Raven Speaks IV: Echo S P A C E
Raven Speaks V: Untitled I

I’m currently writing lyrics in English, Spanish, French and Urdu. I collaborate with musicians, artists and photographers around the world to produce soulful soundscapes used for Raven Speaks performance pieces and other projects.
Please contact me to work on an artistic collaboration!

Music Collaborations

Photographic and Other Collaborations

I’m a Certified Montessori Teacher for Elementary students.
My licenses are in the areas of General and Special Education.
Creative and innovative education is my passion. Alongside the rigorous academic curriculum taught in the classroom,  I teach children’s music and movement workshops. I am a Montessori Education Specialist and Chorale Director for Unity in Unison at Escuela Tlatelolco.

Educational Seminars:
I am conducting monthly seminars in Denver and other cities nationwide this school year. My range of experience in the classroom spans 16+ years. I provide coaching and guidance to teachers, parents and administrators.


Fashion Consulting:
I want to help you find artistic inspiration in your daily life, using the wealth of resources you already have. Contact me for consulting services using your current wardrobe. I can help you with color resonance, wardrobe ideas and closet organization.


I am currently creating new garment designs for Raven Speaks Performance Art, which I will be sharing soon.

My overall intent is to use meaningful artistic expression to uplift and inspire YOU!

Please stay tuned for our next newsletter this winter!